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About Gemstars

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Gemstars School of Performing Arts. Gemstars is a place where your child can develop their creativity, confidence, rhythm and expression whilst building strong friendships. The Academy most importantly supports the development of new skills in a safe and exciting environment.

Each term students work on a variety of styles in dance, drama and singing from musical theatre to pop. All classes are carried out in a fun and safe environment, encouraging students to immerse themselves in the performing arts that have many benefits e.g. confidence, social and creative development. We are always introducing new material across the board to keep classes fresh & exciting for all!

We consistently see students discovering talents, excelling in performance skills and others overcoming shyness or a lack of confidence. Children amaze us with their capabilities and their personal achievements

We also host annual shows in which students showcase their work over the last year to parents/friends and these are always eagerly anticipated. Our end of year show is always an enjoyable experience for children and audience guests alike.

Gemstars are here for you and your children, everyone has a creative side it just needs the opportunity to be supported, developed and expressed. We look forward to working with you all. Please feel free to contact us to discuss any concerns or queries you might have about enrolling your children in our stage school. We’re a very welcoming stage school and keep our core family values at the heart of everything we do.

Gemstar’s School of Performing Arts is aimed at children between the ages of 4-18 years who want to develop their performing arts skills in a fun, safe and enjoyable environment. Each week our classes provide the opportunity for young people to grow as individuals while supporting their overall development.  Each Term consists of 10 weeks and classes are for one hour. Class T-Shirt, leggings (Girls) or Tracksuit pants (Boys), Pumps or Trainers are the required dress code.  Each child must also bring a bottle of water to class.

In term one, we concentrate on developing the core components of Drama, Singing & Dancing where the children explore a range of dance styles and many genres of music.  This includes Disney, Musical Theatre, Modern Pop, Hip-Hop also including music and performance from many of the decades.

Our Drama class incorporates character performance, script work, team work exercises, improvisation and character creation & development.

Our singing classes incorporate many opportunities for our children to experience and develop their breathing, pitching and rhythm while working on their harmony’s to support the many different styles of music.   We teach many warm up techniques and use tongue twisters as a way of teaching pronunciation and diction.

Our classes also include drama games, audition technique & puppetry. These activities support the development of confidence and self-esteem while promoting the development of new friends.  We also include many more fun aspects in our classes, which creates a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for all.

In term two, we further concentrate on the development of the core components of Drama, Singing & Dancing.  In this term we also begin to introduce some of our show material while exploring the many other areas of the performance world. These include Stage Presence and Positioning, stage make-up, Voice Recording, Prop Creation & Design.

Our older children also get to experience brain storming sessions where they have the opportunity to create some of the characters for our end of year show and put forward their ideas to help create some of the scenes.

In term three we aim to support the children towards their end of year show.  We introduce all of our show material and audition our children casting roles for our many characters and scenes.  We work on the core aspects of performance, rehearse and look forward to opening night where we showcase all of the hard work and dedication to family and friends alike.

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Monday 4.45pm | Age 4-6
Monday 6.00pm | Age 6-8
Monday 7.15pm | Age 8+


Saturday 10.00am | Age 4-6
Saturday 11.15am | Age 6-8
Saturday 12.30pm | Age 8+


Saturday 3.00pm | Age 6-8
Saturday 4.00pm | Age 4-6
Saturday 5.15pm | Age 8+

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